Gokarna: Ditch Goa for some more hippie culture.

So while most of the Indians travel to Goa to enjoy the hippie culture it offers or for a weekend getaway from Mumbai, some unsettled souls travel to a much uncommercial place,”GOKARNA” in Karnataka. Gokarna which is less known to the Indians is more exposed to the foreigners who travel to India for a peaceful beach-like vacation. So all those looking to get away from the main cities to a beach location for a weekend and those who do not want to end up in the commercialised crowded beaches of Goa should definitely take a trip to Gokarna. Gokarna is a place which should be experienced in maximum of 3 days 2 nights and it should cost you only ₹4000/- max. So following are the places you should know of before you set off to Gokarna.

1. Om Beach : In the shape of ‘Om’, this beach is the most preferable beach to stay in Gokarna. You can pre book cafes like Namaste and Nirvana as you will generally not find rooms available there. Even if you don’t find places here, you can just stay in any shack on Om Beach. I stayed in Om Rock Cafe, which gave us a brilliant service of food and stay.

2. Kudle Beach: You will have to get here by trekking a hill which stands majestically between Om and Kudle beaches respectively. Kudle beach is all set between Om beach and Gokarna beach. Kudle is comparatively smaller to the Om Beach and can be visited for a while during any part of the day. Little Paradise Cafe is the one that must be explored for food in Kudle. So you can plan a dinner or a brunch in this cafe and enjoy its food.

3. Paradise Beach: The hipster beach of Gokarna which stands on the 2nd position in terms of popularity among the foreigners. This is the most famous beach for light camping over the hills and close night parties. So you can carry your own tents and party the entire night with friends and the people already camping there. The most exciting part of traveling to paradise beach is the trek to the beach through the forest on one side and the sea on the other. 

4. Gokarna Beach: Famous for the temple and crowded with locals. The trek to Gokarna Beach is pleasant and enjoyable.

Places to eat:

  1. Om Rock Cafe, Om Beach: Good momos here.
  2. Dragon Cafe, Om Beach: Try their different shakes.
  3. Nirvana Cafe, Om Beach: Macroni and Pancakes !
  4. Namaste Cafe, Om Beach:  Try anything here, especially the Pasta .
  5. Dolphin Cafe, Om Beach: Good, reasonable food here!
  6. Little Paradise Cafe, Kudle Beach: Anything !

Other things you should definitely do in Gokarna:

  1. Trek to Paradise Beach 
  2. Enjoy the boat ride
  3. Trek to Kudle after the sun sets for some adventure 
  4. Half moon Beach, which falls on the way to the Paradise Beach

*Gokarna has good bus connectivity to cities like Bangalore, Mumbai etc. and can very well be booked online.


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  1. India has soo manly places to look at!


      1. I really have to go! India is calling me

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      2. Yes, definitely! You will love it

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      3. Im sure 🙂 thank you


      4. Check out my blog when you get the chance:)


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