Kodaikanal- more than shrooms!

After boarding a bus from Bengaluru, we marked our journey towards one of the most exhilarating hill station of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal was not really on my list but was definitely meant to be one of my favorite family stays. We stayed in Kodaikanal for 3 days and managed to live the time of our lives. The weather is generally pleasant in the month of December with cool breeze and a little rain. You may want to book your rooms in advance for the sake of brevity and space.

Things to do in Kodai:


  1. Kodaikanal Lake, also famous as the Kodai Lake is a man made lake in Kodaikanal and is one of the most appealing tourist attraction in Kodai. It is pleasant, warm and welcoming. The breezy weather of Kodaikanal adds to its beauty. The first activity which you can go for in Kodai is boating. Pedel Boats and Row Boats are mostly what you will come across in Kodai lake.
  2. Cycling: The pathway around the lake is beautiful and is a famous cycling area. Later in the evening, you can cycle around the lake. It shall be a great feeling to cycle around the lake in serenity which shall act as a reminder of the little things we miss from our childhood.
  3. Coakers Walk: Coakers Walk is a long stretch of pathway which is a famous area for morning and evening walks. You can plan your evening walks with family or friends to enjoy the quietness of the place. I traveled to Kodaikanal during Christmas so I managed to witness massive decorations, chocolates and pancakes. (Good for me!)
  4. One of the most striking features were the short treks of Kodaikanal. They are simple, easy and yet appealing. We took the trek for the Vattakanal Falls, Dolphins Nose and Echo Point. These aren’t the typical mountain treks but simpler forest areas which you will have to cross.

There is yet a lot to explore in Kodaikanal. And since I am losing my phone’s battery, I shall continue writing about the same, maybe next time. As of now, you can enjoy some of the pictures.




The trek to Dolphin’s Nose. The Dolphin’s Nose is the highest point at the end of the trek and is actually in the shape of a Dolphin’s Nose and hence the name.IMG_3351

Dolphin’s nose.

Coaker’s walk.





























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  1. orangewayfarer says:

    went there last summer, the place is ethereal


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