Celebrating Northeast India- an astounding beauty of divine creation!

Tell me how many of you actually count the days of your life ? You don’t! You count the moments ! Then why not invest in making them ? 💁🏼

In the pre-historic times, we traveled in search of food and shelter. Then we started traveling in search of business! Now we travel for ourselves! We travel to discover the culture around us !
Moving beyond the preconceived notions of the society, we travel far enough to discover who we really are.
Yet we keep a major portion of our country in isolation and yet we stay delusional about their cultures. With its variety of Tribal Tours, Cultural Tours, Tea Tours and Wildlife Tours, now is the time to explore Northeast India ! 💕

Now is the time when you break the barriers to know who your people are! Now is the time to travel to discover the issues concerning your people !

How wonderful it is to find a home away from home in the hearts of people that you have denied to acknowledge for a long period of time. It is time to live in the Tea Gardens of Assam, to discover the Garo-Khasi hills of Meghalaya and to participate in the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland ! ❤️

My stay in North East was short. Although the hospitality that I received on their end was fulfilling. People of North East India treat you like family. After arriving at the Guwahati railway station, I was instantly taken home and greeted with the best home made food and drinks. In no matter of time, I was introduced to different persons belonging to Assam and Meghalaya.

It was a weird feeling to find them so full of gratitude and respect for their guest. It was shocking to see how they could be so amicable and good-humored. They made sure that I felt safe and comfortable in the environment that I was in. Unlike Delhi, I discovered that people of North East knew their neighbors and spoke to their friends and colleagues on a regular basis. They knew almost everybody in their town and professed the idea of having close-knitted relationships with family and friends. My interaction with the people of Assam and Meghalaya ranged from the Bodos to the famous haunted nearby places, from the depth of the Brahmaputra to the authenticity of Kamakhya, from the trends they follow in their villages to the city life they crave for. My stay was much of a cultural experience than a tour.

Isn’t it amazing to see how strangers could feel so close to you while friends cannot?

After the stay of a day in Shillong and then in Cherrapunjee, I was taken for a Bhutan road trip which I shall deal with in another blog post. 🙂 By the end of this year I shall hopefully give you a detailed itinerary on North East India.

As of now, I want you to ask yourself- “What do you really think of North East? What do you imagine its culture to be like? ”

Till then, enjoy the photos 💁🏼

Think. Nurture. Explore. Inspire.

See ya. Somewhere on the roads. 😉


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