Rajasthan (India) Series #1: Udaipur

A road trip to Rajasthan , with friends/cousins/family is always the best idea to escape the winters of Delhi. I started from Delhi and headed straight towards Udaipur. I was convinced that Udaipur was all about palaces and lakes for I had done my part of research. But Udaipur was more than that! We planned our stay in Udaipur for 2 days, after which we left for Jaiselmer as per our itinerary.

Best time to go: October- February
Stay for: 2-3 days

Things to do 

1. City Palace: There is nothing as majestic and flamboyant as this palace. This is the most traveled and one among the most known complexes of Rajasthan. This place is not only famous for its architecture but also for its market which is known for its hand-made crafts. Apart from this, the Manek Chowk inside the palace is famous for destination weddings. City Palace is essentially a collection of different palaces which is set forth in series as it was built by different rulers in different time period. It might take a couple of hours or more to go through the entire palace. If you are a huge fan of architecture, you might even take an entire day.

City Palace (Boat View)

Manek Chowk, City Palace Complex

2. Lake Pichola: A boat ride at Lake Pichola will give you an overall view of Udaipur including the Taj Lake Palace, City Palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas, Hotel Udai Palace, The Leela Palace and Jag Mandir. A composed and restful boat ride of Lake Pichola after heavy hours in City Palace makes it easy for a traveler to balance out the day. 

Jag Mandir, Lake Pichola

3. Sajjangarh Fort/ Monsoon Palace: This palace is much more serene and less crowded than the City Palace and is quite famous for the enticing view of sunset. Although I found it spooky, I loved it for its stillness and the view. Youngsters tend to form groups to sing in the evenings for leisure.

Sajjangarh Fort/Monsoon Palace

Sunset at Monsoon Palace

4. Jagdish Temple:  This Temple is another tourist attraction situated in Udaipur which has a beautiful architecture.

Where to eat?

  1. Shreenath Masala Dosa: Rajasthan and Dosas do not go together but if you want the best masala dosa experience in Udaipur then you must surely try the dosa’s here, situated right nearby the main entrance of City Palace. Reasonable and a good breakfast prior to the tour of the Palace shall be a good idea for you !
  2. Krishna Dal Bati Restro: If you want to try the best Dal-Bati-Chokha, do not miss this place! The most authentic Thali of Rajasthani food is all you need to survive the day! This restaurant apart from its decent service provides you with reasonable, clean and delicious Rajasthani Food.

Other things to try at Udaipur:

  1. Markets: Try those leather bags in the market! They are admirable and are mostly made from Camel Leather (Obviously!) Although if you have Jaisalmer on your itinerary, I would ask you to pause before buying them. 🙂
  2. Paintings: I am very fond of paintings. If you are the same, you can give a try to the art schools that you come across in the streets of Udaipur. Did you know that miniature paintings are still taught in India? Yes, different School of Fine Arts in Udaipur offers short term courses in miniature paintings! I saw plenty of foreigners picking up these courses and putting up their own miniature paintings for sale !
  3. Lake Fatehsagar: If you still have some time left, go for it! Although this is not one among my favorites.
  4. Bagore ki Haveli: Fond of traditional music and dance of Rajasthan? You can explore the charming culture and royal lifestyle of Rajasthan at Bagore ki Haveli in the evening !

Where did I stay ?

Anjani Hotel- spooky yet appealing !

View from the rooftop restaurant of Anjani Hotel.

Swimming pool at the hotel.

The Room.

Enjoy your trip to Udaipur, Rajasthan, India!
Meanwhile, I will work on my next tour.  🙂

We took the exact route given here ! You can go for the same 🙂


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