Rajasthan (India) Series #2: Jaisalmer

Commonly known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer is a land of colours where the houses are densely packed together around the famous Golden Fort. With several mythological stories, this place offers stays in The Palace itself, captivating sand dunes, mesmerizing camel rides and a variety of markets to delve into the culture of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is a blend of colours and chaos. Ranging from the Jaisalmer Fort to street shops in Jaisalmer , it offers a variety of options to a traveler. This place takes you back to the time of the kings and gives you the most authentic feeling of Rangilo Rajasthan!

Best time to go: October to February
Stay for: 2-3 days.

Day 1:

  1. Explore the Golden Fort: Not only is this fort one of the best architecture of Rajasthan but is also a home to many locals of Jaisalmer. Most of the part of this fort has become a hub of various hotels which in turn guarantee an authentic feel of the palace. The palace also has clustered markets and temples worth exploring. If you are too fond of architecture, you can hire a Guide to know more about the palace.
  2. Salim Ji ki Haveli and Nathmal Ji ki Haveli: Famous for its distinct architecture, these havelis were made by Salim Singh and Nathmal Ji, who were the then Prime Minister of the kingdom during the era of its built.
  3. Patwo ki Haveli: This Haveli is actually a cluster of 5 Havelis which makes it the most remarkable and important Haveli of Jaisalmer. Story says that the most renowned trader of old times ordered the making of these Havelis for his 5 sons and so the entire Haveli is divided into 5 parts. 
  4. Gadisar Lake: Planning a sunset by this lake after a heavy tour of the Palace and the Havelis will be a good idea. The most amazing thing about this lake is that it was the only source of water for the entire city in the ancient times.f63beac4-68ba-4279-967f-aa06a576d131
  5. Explore the markets: At nights you can simply opt for the Sadar Bazaar or the Manek Chowk which offers a variety of things. My suggestion: Buy a leather bag ! Reasonable, authentic and unisex.

Day 2:

  1. Kuldhara Village: Often misinterpreted as the Ghost Town, this place was abandoned a long time back by its residents in one night. The story says that the Chief of this town refused the offer of marriage for his daughter, made by the then Minister of Jaisalmer who later pressurized the Chief for the same. It is said that the entire village left the place in one night and the Chief cursed the place with unhappiness and bad luck.
    On being questioned, a local stated that the village isn’t as spooky as it is talked about ! Relief?
  2. Sam Sand Dunes: You cannot experience Rajasthan unless you plan a night-stay at the camp sites of Sam Sand Dunes! Pre-book your camp site and enjoy the camel ride, desert safari and the traditional dance of Rajasthan in your package. The package often charges extra for desert safari but it is worth the ride. Do not miss the cultural night at your camp site which ends with an authentic Rajasthani Thali.a4201a4b-4f75-47ef-bd6f-761f18ac785649557529-2a04-41d4-8e06-dcac942b5ad0
    Limra Desert Camp is a good camping site at Sam Sand Dunes:
  3. 99d8219b-d89b-4068-905e-48514868702b


1. Try Laal Maas.
2. The Bhaang Shop: Try the biscuits there !
3. Kachoris of the shop opposite to the Bhaang Shop, give them a try !

Other places to see:
1. Barabagh
2. Jain TempleBarabagh, Jaisalmer.


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